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DESIGN&Execution plans

Do you want to carry out the work yourself or entrust the realization to a company?

This service includes all the plans necessary for the execution of your project.


  • Diagnosis of the inventory

  • Topographic survey

  • Photograph surveyhique

  • Establishment of specifications

  • Study of the plans of your land

  • Mass plan of intentions in 2D

  • References of similar landscaping ambiances in support of the proposal

  • 3D modeling following the proposal validated in 2D

  • Estimated work in batches to help you make budgetary decisions about your project.

  • Presentation meeting


The project has been validated by you.

Technical documents are established for the rendering of the complete file according to the needs of the project.

  • Plan of plantations, list of plants

  • Plan of measurements and quotations

  • Lighting layout plan

  • A quantitative and qualitative table of work

  • Other plans may be provided depending on the project

  • Submission of the complete file

You will be able to carry out your own layout or submit the plans to companies for the realization of the work.

You can continue this service with follow-up of your construction sitefor the proper execution and implementation of your landscaping project.

DESIGN PRICES &Execution plans

The price of a service varies according to the area of the land and the complexity of the project.

Garden: From 2 800€ tax incl.
Terrace: From 1 6
00€ tax incl.

The trip for the 1st appointment will be invoiced at 80€ including tax.
​ Minimum duration: 1 hour.

Consult me for any specific request, the prices can be adapted according to the request.

Consult the T&Cs


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